Thursday, September 29, 2011


I love food. Eating food makes me really happy. 

And one of my favorite foods to eat are pancakes. Especially blueberry pancakes. YUUMMM! I could eat them everyday and seriously never get sick of them. They’re pure deliciousness, the kind of food that makes you tap your feet and hum a happy tune with each and every lip-smackingly savory bite. 

Pancakes are the only good thing about mornings. Besides coffee. And brunch. And unlimited mimosas! (Or brunch with pancakes, coffee and endless mimosas).

Can you think of a better way to start the day, than with a heaping stack of sweet, fluffy, syrup-drenched, buttery…heaven-sent GOODNESS?! I can't.


So I headed to IHOP the other day (as I often do) and had this for breakfast:

Blueberry harvest grain pancakes w/bananas and scrambled egg substitute

Not terribly exciting, I know. But it’s one of their low-cal options. And I’m trying to include  healthier fare in my diet to balance out all the beers and burritos. Plus I have to say eating at IHOP is a lot less fun since they started listing calorie counts on their menu. Makes it a lot harder to lie to myself.

Those pancakes were, o.k. But they sure as hell don’t beat a super-sized, funny face chocolate chip pancake! 

Just ask Super Mario, aka my cousin’s four-year-old, my go-to-guy for happy, fun times.

EVERYONE loves pancakes. Even fictional plumbers/majorly awesome kids.

Now that right there friends is the face of sheer pancake joy.

Please note that this is not a paid advertisement or endorsement for IHOP. But if any of the lovely folks at IHOP should happen to find themselves here and decide they’d like to PAY ME FOR THIS POST. With say, free pancakes. For a year! It would be a welcome gesture. And frankly, well, the right thing to do in these hard, economic times. 

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  1. On any given day you are more than likely to find that red and blue outfit at your local IHOP since the four-year-old has got it all figured out: Pancakes equals euphoria...mmmm....